Saturday, December 29, 2007

Woman behind the label

It's a hot and sunny day in Rakan Muda Complex (it is actually next to Stadium Juara Bukit Kiara. It is not in Google Earth... anyway, we've already leave a mark ^.^).

Being alone in the morning, although I met some new friends, but still, quite lonely...
Until these lovely ladies arrived, including my mom & Frank later in the afternoon, and they bought Hainanese belacan fried rice, hahaha.... it is nice, but sorry I can't finish, it's too spicy!!

Thanks for wearing cassettee! JM, don't feel sorry, you looks nice even without cassettee... hahahaha....

Woman behind the label; now we have super women with the label!

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Super Art & Music Festival

Very last minute, I was informed about this event and that there's extra booth for us to come in. Therefore Cassettee will be participating in The Super Art & Music Festival on 29th December 2007 (tomorrow), in Stadium Bukit Kiara.

This event is organized by The Super Sunday, sponsored and supported by Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia.

Please come along with friends and family and give us some supports. Fun activities and live band performance awaits you...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Specially dedicated to Lili & Hsuan

Another tee specially made, this time is for Lili & her little angel Hsuan Hsuan.
Hsuan was born on the 16th of Nov 2007. Welcome, another piggie!!! I'm a piggie, Lili is a piggie, Lili's mom is a piggie, Karmin is a piggie...

Lili, you promised me you'll never leave the tee in your wardrobe. I made it in M-size. You've got to get back in shape and wear this ok?

Guess I didn't write any post about my camera... My camera is dead. Looking at the picture above, I don't think my 2.0 mega px camera phone is doing a good job. The pink is not pink, the maroon is not maroon.... uuhhh..., maybe it's time to get a new camera....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

2nd Try - Figure 8ight music + fashion mash up

Hi all, some updates again on cassettee's 2nd try in Annexe Central Market.
I feel sorry for myself that I couldn't be there on that day. Again... I have to attend to my company event in Batu Kawan.

Thanks to ting ling who helps me on displaying all the tees nicely and 'jaga' them the whole day :)
The response is not as good as the 1st time. Anyway, to gain more exposure, I believe more people have seen the real cassettee now. And I'm sure for those who came, you'll enjoy seeing those lovely little animals created by musedarling. Frankly speaking, I love them too!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

T-blouse Series

Semi T-blouse. Comes with a multi-buttons brooch.
Code: HCT210
Colours: Black Tee + Blue/ Orange/ Pink buttons
Size: M/ L

T-blouse: Cassettee Dynasty
Code: HCT211
Colours: Black Tee + Beige/ Dark Green Chinese buttons (more different colour chinese buttons coming soon)
Size: M/ L

T-blouse: Flora dreams
Code: HCT212
Colours: Black/ White Tee + White/ Pink buttons (more different colour buttons coming soon)
Size: M/ L

T-blouse: Macro
Code: HCT213
Colours: Black Tee + White/ Blue/ Green buttons (more different ce
olour buttons coming soon)
Size: M/ L

T-blouse: Vintage
Code: HCT214
Colours: Black Tee + Light Green/ Brown buttons
Size: M/ L

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Flower In The Pocket

Attended to the press screening of Flower In The Pocket in GSC Mid Valley this morning.

Da Huang Pictures is promoting this film in the Annexe Central Market last weekend. So happen that they were next to us, therefore I've got a chance to make these Pocket Cassettee to the little actors and actress :)

Frankly speaking, the movie is not bad. Worth your time for it.
The movie tickets are on sale now. Look out for the sunflower girls! Spot them and you could buy the ticket with postcard just RM9.

Flower In The Pocket - A film by Liew Seng Tat:

Li Ahh and Li Ohm grow up motherless. They are neglected by their father Sui, a workaholic who spends the bulk of his time mending broken mannequins in his workshop. While he shuts himself out from the world, the two brothers roam the streets, get into fights and other troubles in school but for all they want is just love and to be loved.

More details, please visit

The making of pocket tees

I'm glad that I've got this project from Mui, and complete them within the limited time given.
Heard some comments today (on the press screening in GSC) on the pocket. I should have done stronger stitching at the both corners of the pocket.

Yes, agreed, I should have do that. I've over-looked, this would be the weak point of the pocket. I saw one of the kids pocket's stitches being unsecured just by putting his hand in & out of the pocket.

Thought of doing a rework on the shirt for them, but realizing the shirt is giving out to the kids where they were already wearing it, so won't be able to get the tees back and do some rework on them. Feel so bad about that...

Anyway, point noted. Will do a better job next time with more senses...

Monday, November 5, 2007

Annexe Central Market - 1st Try

Got to know that Bibichun & his partner Lamb are in the art bazaar, decided to join them since they don't mind. Appreciate that!
Quite happy to hear some feedbacks (most of them said sizes are too small, hahaha... ok, noted.)

To the gentleman who 'grabs' all the brooches, thank you!

To those who placed an order, thank you!

To Beau who sweat a lot to the bazaar, thank you!

& to all the news friends that I met, Nice to meet you!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Colours, more colours!

I can't control myself... I just... can't keep the ribbons and needles away... because I'm so happy to see it to be in so many different colours... I'm still working on some more, more, more....

Actually it's quite tiring. I had my dinner 9.30pm since Monday.
8.00pm, I'm still pulling my hair in the office. Now I'm the one who switch off all the lights and make sure all the doors are lock before leaving office.
The week after Raya is the day we've been waiting for. After this great big event, I'm sure that I can get back to my usual working hour...

Code: BCT101
Colour: Red/ Blue/ Orange/ Yellow/ Black

Price: RM15.00/ USD5.00
Note: Please contact me for colours availability or special order :)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rough Elegance

I'm quite satisfied with this one.
Hope you all will like it too!

Code: BCT101

L-size will be available soon

My dear friends, after all the requests, finally Cassetteee is coming up with the L-size!
L-size info: chest width 17" (flat), length 22", sleeve 6" (flat).

Please do email me on the design you want for L-size. I'll do it upon request.

Besides that, Cassettee also have black tees available soon. Will work out more designs for the black!

Check this out regularly for updates!


Monday, October 1, 2007

Pocket full of junk

You have a basket full of flowers; I have a pocket full of junk.

Code: HCT209
Colour: White
Size: M (15.5" chest width, 21" length)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The secret tree (turquois)

Scalebie flowers' lover planted another tree. This time the flowers appear in turquois colour....
mmm... it's sort of like feeling blue...

Code: HCT204 (turquois)
Colour: White
Size: M/ L

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Boring Game (green)

It's not a boring day... but I'm reproducing "the boring game" in green.

Code: HCT203 (green)
Colour: White
Size: M/ L

Friday, September 21, 2007

The ugliest cat on earth

Unbelievable. I can't believe I did this. I felt so sorry that I've created such an ugly Miao!!

This is supposed to be a brooch. Well, still in the experimental stage on 'transforming' creatures into nice cute little handmade brooch.

Now take a look at the cat. I know you'll be laughing as when I just finished off my last stitch and the knot, I can't help laughing at my creation! Hahaha, can't wait to show Ice (my own real Miao) her little friend....

Don't cry miao miao, I know you're ugly, but mama will still bring you out for a walk, hahahaha!
(I'm really serious, I'm going to wear this brooch!)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Loving in the desert

Got to know some new stitches this weekend. Thanks Eunice for the info sharing. I've learn a few embroidery stitching skills. In fact I've got many to learn, she lend me a book all about embroidery stitching.
Applied one of the stitch on this tee. You can see it on the close-up picture.
Same as the laundry mood, this one also quite labour intensive. Need a lot of time for the details.

Anyway... La~la~lala~la~la.... Loving in the dessert...

Code: HCT208
Tee colours: White/ Beige
Size: M/ L

Laundry mood

Haha, I like this one so much! Sorry girls, I'm gonna have this for myself. Don't worry, you request are still welcome! So many hours I've taken to complete this. Stitching those fabric materials by hand and to position them well is really not easy....
Haiz... should I invest on a sewing machine??

(Angel): Using sewing machine will lost its originality...
(Devil): Should consider that, maybe only on the patch-up material, others still hand stitch...

AAahhhhHH... ???

Code: HCT207
Size: M/ L

Friday, September 14, 2007

1st Cassettee model!

It's Rachel on her B'day Cassettee! Hahahaha...

So happy that she can send me these pictures!
Sorry girl, I was sincerely asking for the pictures because I wana see how you looks like when you put them on! And then, this idea pops up! I wana put you the 1st Cassettee model!
Soon you will be surprise that you find your portrait in my blog, hahaha....

Anyway, I think you looks good with the tee! Hahaha..... Muaks!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Unexpected response

Hi Friends, HCT203, HCT204, HCT205, and HCT206 has been sold! Please contact me if you have interest on any of these designs because I'll have to make to order now.

Will redo these designs (at least to have a sample to keep for myself) soon, maybe in other different colour accessories... also because I'll have to buy some of those buttons again, so... will keep things posted in this blog.

I would like to thank everybody out there who has been so supportive all these while! Those who actually buy the piece of art (I would think that they are arts, not just tees), those who morally support me, those who help to advertise this blog, and those caring words from all of you, Thanks a lot! I will not be tired at night doing all these because of you.

Rachel hope you like the tee!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Something fishy...

Fi, Fiihh, Ffhh, Ffhhh, Fish, Fishes, Fishy...
~I've got you in my eyes~

Code: HCT206
Size: M/ L

Monday, September 3, 2007

Cherry pink & the twin sister

It was taken too long to complete this tee. Has been feeling quite tired lately... Hopefully I can start on another design soon...

Code: HCT205
Size: M/ L

Friday, August 31, 2007

Specially dedicated to Rachel

Happy birthday girl! Promise to give you a tee on your birthday... here is it!
Errmm... this is not the best, I know... and this baju seems a bit 'fragile', haven't tested on it yet, but you can tell me how is it later.
Let me know how you want to get this tee :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

The secret tree

It was secretly planted by someone who are in love with scalebie flowers. It is a cheerful tree, unfortunately only little ants are its best friend.

Code: HCT204
Colour: White
Size: M/ L

A boring game

It's a boring day... with a boring game...

Code: HCT203
Colour: White
Size: M/ L

Sunday, August 26, 2007

T-shirts for guys?

Wooo... hahaha, maybe will consider that....
But its already too many in the market. Very competitive man!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Buying procedures

Some one was asking what is the buying procedure. How they gona pay and how am I going to deliver if they wana buy any one of the tee.

Ok, I'm sorry that I have not written anything on this (yet) cause I never think of people starting to ask about this so soon...

Anyway, this is how it runs:

1) Purchase: Tell me which design you want/ tell me which design you want and with what colour of accessories on it, i.e. the picture i posted was with blue buttons, but you might want one with orange buttons. I will look into your request and try to fulfill it. Don't worry, no extra charges but maybe you have to give me sometime to get it done just for you!

2) Payment: preferable to have buyer to bank in to my account within 3 working days upon confirmation on purchase. Account details will be given through email.

3) Shipping: Poslaju. The postage is FOC within KL & Klang Valley. We can even meet up (if possible) to make the deal. Other places in Malaysia will have a RM4.00 shipping charge on top of the item price. (Other countries please feel free to get in touch with me). Item will be shipped within 2 working days after received of payment. Otherwise/ unforeseen circumstances will be notified.

4) Received parcel: Now open the parcel! Please let me have your comments, good or bad. Your comments are always welcome as they are important for me to improve.

Yup, another thing which is not clear probably is the measurement of this M-size t-shirt.
For the M-size, the chest width is actually 15.5" (flat); the length is 21".

Do not hesitate to contact me at should you have any questions.


Thanks for all the feedbacks.
And of course, thanks for the request of 'tee for mommy', cat tee #1, cat tee #2, and the soon to be birthday girl asking me for a birthday tee!

Besides that, I want to apologize for the unavailable sizes. I promise, once I can afford, I'll do more sizes.

Cubes with 45 buttons

In the process of conceptualizing and the making, this is a very interesting t-shirt.
First of all, thanks Frank for the idea input! He's given great ideas on doing this.

We position all the buttons, trying in every different way that will looks the best. Finally we've come out with this line-up. We look at it closely and from far (purposely seeing it by using 'out-of-focus' - of course we're using our own EYES) and we found something more interesting! When you look at it with your 'out-of-focus', you will find yourself looking at 3 RGB cubes with tones!
Then I told to myself, I must stitch these buttons! It must be cool!

Well, at the end of the day I've got it done, but with my fingers numb. It is not easy to control the button position when you stitch, even though you've already do markings. I'd tried my very best on it, and the results are still, mmm... the blue cube slightly out of shape, haha!
I promise to myself, I must do another one with the same concept, maybe different colour buttons.

For the handmades, I only do ONE. So feel free to contact me if you are interested on any of them. I can make to order. :)

Code: HCT202
COlour: White
Size: M