Saturday, December 13, 2008

The ups and downs

Good to know that you've made others happy... and most importantly you felt better then.
Here's how he did it... :)

Life is full of Ups n Downs.

Let us smile to the Ups & smile to the Downs...
...that makes you do without antidepressant.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Special Birthday order from Dale

Old friend Dale called.
Wanted to have his friends' name sewed on some tees he bought for their birthday.
Quite rush man, tees given today... hehe, tomorrow night is the celebration huh~

No worries friend, tees done.
Only alphabets, oookie doookie!

Wish Sam, Wilson and Ivan Happy Birthday!!

Note: Tees from "T-shirt for Picasso"

Love me green

I thought cassettee's dead... :(
I've not been producing and designing since... hmm... 2 months ago?

1 day something strikes me. And I've wanted so much to try doing the rosette Meream was teaching in her blog tutorial.
That is how this baggie was made (with detachable rosette).

Thanks Meream :)

Code: CCT306
Size: 210 x 120mm

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Butterfly Award

I don't know how this came to me... It has been a few days I did not check my mail or my blog, and I got a comment message from ciyou

Then... I got to know that I've been awarded by ciyou - The Butterfly Award: For the coolest blog I ever know!

Thank you so much and I'm so happy to know that you love reading my blog.

Here, I would like to share 'the coolest blog I ever know':

IROIRO, Woogle Works, bibichun, mistake by kuanth, kevinmuji, boredandcrafty, hugogarden, musedarling, Kevin's Lensview, findars.

For those who decided to accept this award and would like to nominate/ award your 'coolest blog ever', the following steps may help:

1. Put the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3. Nominate 10 other blogs.

4. Add links to those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Finally... more colours as promised :)

Code: BCT103
Size: Diameter 75mm
Price: RM10.00/ USD3.50

Sunday, October 5, 2008


其实我也想了很久,是不是应该在这blog里share我自己真正的 "sweet & sour"。后来还是觉得,这是我的空间,读者是我的朋友……大多是没有见过面的朋友。但可能就是没有见过面,读了更是无所谓,茶余饭后……



Sunday, September 21, 2008


p/s: 嘻嘻,不止4700哦,那一天是破750点击率!!

续上一回NTV7 Breakfast Show* 之后,又好一次on-air的经验啊!为cassettee感到非常高兴。


*其实那一段是为Art for grabs 的。我都没时间post。会做一点剪接,然后post上来让大家看看我的"oink"脸,哈哈哈!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Seashell tees (Ltd. Edt.)

Bought some shells earlier... not many, so these will be limited edition...

Code: HCT221/ Falling shell/ M-size
Code: HCT222/ Shell tee/ M-size

Status: Sold out

The Merdeka Bazaar @ Annexe

It's another weekend at Annexe... Some pictures to share.
For those who are interested on the plushies, feel free to contact So @
She's the one making the cute cute plushies! :)

I bet you will not know what are these. These are called the Roller-Coasters! a.k.a coasters with rollers.
They are really really cool... I like them so much especially the Oink Oink Manuscript!
Fabian Tan, the creator of these Roller-Coasters.

Guess these are from who?? Hahaha... hope you guys can still read it from the picture.

Nice "scenery" right opposite my stall.

My special edition of "Boring Game" made in the bazaar. It was sold to Mei Cher as a present for Eunice, who actually bought her a lomo case from cassettee.

What happened in bazaar as usual....

Nice place to chill out - The Merdeka cafe.
To ex-guitar club mate: Isn't this what we're looking at for the 10 yrs concert?!

What you can see is only this >>>> Friendship!
The one who's holding the Lomo is Mei Cher, and the one next to her with spec is Eunice. (sorry to other 2 girls & handsome, don't really know your names... but you guys are really cool!)
Thank you so much for buying cassettee and I'm so glad that I've got to know you all!
Thanks Mei Cher for my 1st Lomo picture! (I'm still expecting the pic from u, hahahaha)
The moment I saw how Eunice surprise you with the Lomo case and you quietly buying Eunice "the boring game" tee just touched me so much... I don't know how to describe...

I love you all!

Once again, thank you for dropping by at my stall and all the supports & compliments given!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How many times I wana poke my fingers??!?

Today is definitely not a good day making cassettee!! Not even a brooch!!!
I've break the record of poking my fingers with the needle 6 times in one night!!!! 2 of the 6 bleed!!!!! 1 of the 2 was poked in between the finger nail and the finger (flesh)!!!!!
And that's not all.... I kena "barbecued" by the glue gun!!!!!!!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lomo ME, Lomo U

CCT305 LomoA green

CCT305 LomoB green
CCT305 LomoC Black

CCT305 LomoD Black

CCT305 LomoE Black

Hello~~~ Here comes my LOMO series of little purse!
Unfortunately I still do not have my own lomo camera yet, but I like those lomo pictures so much!
No $ to spend on lomo cam now, so lets do with these purses 1st, hahaha....

Code: CCT305 Lomo series
Size: 110 x 105mm
Status: Sold out
Note: Please contact me if you would like to special order these baggies :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The "MAAD" Experience

I'm back!!! From MAAD!!!

People, this is MAAD...

Mr & Mrs Goh were busy serving customers...

Me & Mrs Goh a.k.a. Cecilia, DOT's taukesoh... wahahah...

Grant me a wish, buy these t-shirts.

The ivbelongings stall. Ivy's Sakura earing are so cute!!

These are some cool stuff from The Girl's Kaksh. Something like the Nyonya Baba style, Audrey brought to you the Indian flavour apparel & accessories!

MOOF. A simple & nice stall.

Thank you very much for grabbing a tee, a brooch, a zipper bag or even just a biz card... and also your compliments. I really appreciate that.

Lastly, cheers to Mr & Mrs Goh a.k.a. Chee Wee & Cecilia.
2 of them have been feeding me like a pig the last 2 days ^.^
*promise I'll try to put on weight ok*

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cassettee @ MAAD Singapore 2-3 August 2008

Hi Friends, we'll be presenting cassettee the 1st time in Singapore art bazaar - MAAD - Market of Artist and Designers!
Thanks to DOT, which supported cassettee a lot for making this happening.

For this 1st time (maybe we'll have the 2nd, 3rd, 4th...), personally I'll be there! I'm looking forward to this trip and to seeing you there!

Date: 2nd & 3rd August 2008
Venue: Red Dot Traffic, Maxwell Road Singapore
Time: 11am - 7pm

For more info about the event, please click here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008




mmm... i hope you all like the colour combination of this zipper bag.
Another hand-painted one with buttons...

Code: CCT304
Size: 190 x 115mm

Status: Sold out




Flora... flora? I don't know...
This is a hand-drawn on canvas.

Code: CCT303
Size: 145 x 95mm
Status: Turn out not very pretty, therefore it's not for sale :)

cassettee for your mobile phone

Another 2 small pillows... this time for your mobile phone :)

Code: PCT501 - blooming night (dark blue)
PCT501 - oriental beauty (red)

Price: RM10.00/ USD3.50

Monday, July 14, 2008

Under my umbrrree-llaa

Side 01

Side 02

I like this one so much! Yes, it is very time consuming, but once I finished, wow... it's all worth the time!

When I first came up with the sketch I'm not sure whether this design works. Especially the yellow thread part. Luckily it turns out to be 'not that fragile', hahhaa...

This is also hand-painted with button & stitching.

Code: CCT302
Size: 135 x 125mm

Status: Sold out

New stuff!!!

Side 01

Side 02

Hello... it's something new from cassettee!
This is a canvas zipper case (I don't know what to call it actually), use for.... mm... definitely not a pencil case as it is done with a nice lining inside. Maybe it is good to use to store your make-up kit for your night out!

This thing is hand-painted, with button deco.

Hope you will like it!
Give me some feedback so that I can improve ok?


Code: CCT101
Size: 185 x 70mm

Status: Sold out

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lovely pillow brooches

Hello, it has been some time I didn't update my blog.

Hehehe... I came up with some new little pillow brooches! They come in many different colours, different theme, different story... these are all very limited edition, it will be the only one, because I'm not planning to repeat on doing the same design for these little pillow brooches.

I'll do more of these, cause personally I like them so much, hehehe.... (i'm so thick skinned, muahahaha...)
They are in a tiny 4cm x 4cm size, miniature but with details!

So, let me know which one you like! ^.^

Code: BCT104 daisy/ BCT104 smiley/ BCT104 sunny day/ BCT104 chic little
Status: Sold out