Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sweet Bridezilla's diary: Sweet Little Things

Unbelievable... This is my first blog post in 2012?! Not good... yet, no, something really good is happening! 

Cassettee hasn't been very active for more than 2 years I suppose? It's good to get started again, for...... a WEDDING! Yes, I'm very excited! :)

Here's a sneak preview on what I'm working on - bridesmaid wrist corsage.
This is my second time making something "in bulk" (errmm... to me, producing more than one piece at one go, of the same kind and of the same design), I've planned out my production in stages, just like a factory, make part by part, and then assemble them.

You may be curious seeing the chosen material for this wrist corsage. It will be a rustic themed wedding, and the dress code will be white and/ or denim. Hence, denim is incorporated into this wrist corsage.

This is only the first project, more to come! I have 3 months for everything: corsages, invitation cards, ring pillow, favors, my hair accessories/veil and some decoration items for the big day.
Come on, Cass, go, gO, GO! :)