Friday, March 25, 2011

Queenstown craft market

Queenstown, a small but very beautiful town, over looking the mountains and the peaceful lake...

Other than the post-card-like scenery, I found some interesting artworks at the weekend craft market, by the wharf.

It was a warm and sunny day, perfect weather to go to any outdoor market or just chill out at the park.

This little booth immediately caught my eyes when I got there.
Heartfelt, the specialist in handfelted apparel by June & Graham Cooper.
Though they're quite busy at the booth, I still managed to talk to the artist. They're from Christchurch. Due to the recent earth quake in Christchurch, they moved down to Queenstown for the weekend market.

June & Graham can be contacted at

ItalicLooks good, but taste bad! Haha, that's what Shelley Trevathan told her customers.
Indulge your skin with these yummy soup cakes by Skin Indulgence, made from the finest natural ingredients. Not only for yourself, I think that they make the perfect gift too!
Shelley can be contacted at

These handmade accessories are really interesting. Almost everything made by wire & beads, Jude Breese was still tweaking a wire brooch when I spoke to her... Jude can be contacted at

Flower bouquets made by flax! Sorry, I think I left this contact out... :(

These colourful bowls just made my day even brighter!