Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Flower In The Pocket

Attended to the press screening of Flower In The Pocket in GSC Mid Valley this morning.

Da Huang Pictures is promoting this film in the Annexe Central Market last weekend. So happen that they were next to us, therefore I've got a chance to make these Pocket Cassettee to the little actors and actress :)

Frankly speaking, the movie is not bad. Worth your time for it.
The movie tickets are on sale now. Look out for the sunflower girls! Spot them and you could buy the ticket with postcard just RM9.

Flower In The Pocket - A film by Liew Seng Tat:

Li Ahh and Li Ohm grow up motherless. They are neglected by their father Sui, a workaholic who spends the bulk of his time mending broken mannequins in his workshop. While he shuts himself out from the world, the two brothers roam the streets, get into fights and other troubles in school but for all they want is just love and to be loved.

More details, please visit

The making of pocket tees

I'm glad that I've got this project from Mui, and complete them within the limited time given.
Heard some comments today (on the press screening in GSC) on the pocket. I should have done stronger stitching at the both corners of the pocket.

Yes, agreed, I should have do that. I've over-looked, this would be the weak point of the pocket. I saw one of the kids pocket's stitches being unsecured just by putting his hand in & out of the pocket.

Thought of doing a rework on the shirt for them, but realizing the shirt is giving out to the kids where they were already wearing it, so won't be able to get the tees back and do some rework on them. Feel so bad about that...

Anyway, point noted. Will do a better job next time with more senses...

Monday, November 5, 2007

Annexe Central Market - 1st Try

Got to know that Bibichun & his partner Lamb are in the art bazaar, decided to join them since they don't mind. Appreciate that!
Quite happy to hear some feedbacks (most of them said sizes are too small, hahaha... ok, noted.)

To the gentleman who 'grabs' all the brooches, thank you!

To those who placed an order, thank you!

To Beau who sweat a lot to the bazaar, thank you!

& to all the news friends that I met, Nice to meet you!