Friday, October 12, 2007

Colours, more colours!

I can't control myself... I just... can't keep the ribbons and needles away... because I'm so happy to see it to be in so many different colours... I'm still working on some more, more, more....

Actually it's quite tiring. I had my dinner 9.30pm since Monday.
8.00pm, I'm still pulling my hair in the office. Now I'm the one who switch off all the lights and make sure all the doors are lock before leaving office.
The week after Raya is the day we've been waiting for. After this great big event, I'm sure that I can get back to my usual working hour...

Code: BCT101
Colour: Red/ Blue/ Orange/ Yellow/ Black

Price: RM15.00/ USD5.00
Note: Please contact me for colours availability or special order :)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rough Elegance

I'm quite satisfied with this one.
Hope you all will like it too!

Code: BCT101

L-size will be available soon

My dear friends, after all the requests, finally Cassetteee is coming up with the L-size!
L-size info: chest width 17" (flat), length 22", sleeve 6" (flat).

Please do email me on the design you want for L-size. I'll do it upon request.

Besides that, Cassettee also have black tees available soon. Will work out more designs for the black!

Check this out regularly for updates!


Monday, October 1, 2007

Pocket full of junk

You have a basket full of flowers; I have a pocket full of junk.

Code: HCT209
Colour: White
Size: M (15.5" chest width, 21" length)