Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lovely pillow brooches

Hello, it has been some time I didn't update my blog.

Hehehe... I came up with some new little pillow brooches! They come in many different colours, different theme, different story... these are all very limited edition, it will be the only one, because I'm not planning to repeat on doing the same design for these little pillow brooches.

I'll do more of these, cause personally I like them so much, hehehe.... (i'm so thick skinned, muahahaha...)
They are in a tiny 4cm x 4cm size, miniature but with details!

So, let me know which one you like! ^.^

Code: BCT104 daisy/ BCT104 smiley/ BCT104 sunny day/ BCT104 chic little
Status: Sold out