Saturday, December 11, 2010

Auckland Art & Craft Fair, 11th Dec 2010

It's a one-day-only art & craft fair that happened in Auckland for the 2nd time (the 1st one was in July), and I'm lucky enough to have been there! (lucky enough cause I'm off today, ha!)

Similar to Arts for Grab & Pipit Wonderful Market in Malaysia, the fair featured NZ local independent designers, artists and crafters work, selling direct to the public.

I saw jewelleries, cards, stationery, t-shirts, bags, shoes, plushies, etc. etc... they were awsome! The details, the workmanship, let alone the time spent but the love that they've put into each pieces, even the set up of their stalls...

You will find different design styles and concepts, which some, you can never seen in Malaysia.

I'm here to share these with all the fellow crafters and designers, after some careful organization of cards and contacts :)

It's a very nice venue, you don't need to worry about the weather.

Karin Jewellery. I love one of their feather pendant SO much! Unfortunately I still got to save for my trips :(

Cheek Pinchy. Nice motifs & colours with lots of varieties from earrings, pendants to brooches.

Flossys Fancy. Vintage, Vintage & Vintage!

Zooshii. The handmade NZ Monsters Inc. :)

Jewelleries & candles by 2 sisters Kellie Coombes & Ethel & Harriet.

Lovely handmade cards, gift tags, cookies... by Kate Tobeck.

The Binding Studio. Note books, dairy, sketch book with some awesome covers!

Birdspoke. They've got some very nice embroidery!

imp'ish. Haha! Match box brooches!! Reminds me about my match box collection some time ago...

Hydrangea Ranger. Oh, I must mention about their creativity on their call cards. See that bowl of B&W photos? That's their call card!! So cool!!

ZippityDooDah. Elizabeth made wonders with zippers!

Hunter Gatherer. Looking at the bows make me think of Curt in Glee :) But these are supposed to be on your head... Gem & Natheniel have some very interesting pendant too!

Don't you love that center-piece? Ferrit produces pendant, brooches and accessories, drawn on/print on fabric. My first impression was "Gun N' Roses"

A little vintage for your little ones... or you!

Plastic Fairy. The brooches are awesome!!

Honey Design. Hand bound books & photo albums.

Little owl says: "Meri Kerithmete", by Lily. Lily has some very interesting work made of map cutouts!

Unbelievable! Handmade shoes!! And I found it in an art fair!! By Spirocreations.

Tui. 'To paint with light' was printed in the card. I wonder what does it means? It's all black & white, but still, very eye catching.

Ceramics can fly. It's out of your imagination what form of ceramics you can find on that table :)