Saturday, December 13, 2008

The ups and downs

Good to know that you've made others happy... and most importantly you felt better then.
Here's how he did it... :)

Life is full of Ups n Downs.

Let us smile to the Ups & smile to the Downs...
...that makes you do without antidepressant.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Special Birthday order from Dale

Old friend Dale called.
Wanted to have his friends' name sewed on some tees he bought for their birthday.
Quite rush man, tees given today... hehe, tomorrow night is the celebration huh~

No worries friend, tees done.
Only alphabets, oookie doookie!

Wish Sam, Wilson and Ivan Happy Birthday!!

Note: Tees from "T-shirt for Picasso"

Love me green

I thought cassettee's dead... :(
I've not been producing and designing since... hmm... 2 months ago?

1 day something strikes me. And I've wanted so much to try doing the rosette Meream was teaching in her blog tutorial.
That is how this baggie was made (with detachable rosette).

Thanks Meream :)

Code: CCT306
Size: 210 x 120mm