Sunday, September 21, 2008


p/s: 嘻嘻,不止4700哦,那一天是破750点击率!!

续上一回NTV7 Breakfast Show* 之后,又好一次on-air的经验啊!为cassettee感到非常高兴。


*其实那一段是为Art for grabs 的。我都没时间post。会做一点剪接,然后post上来让大家看看我的"oink"脸,哈哈哈!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Seashell tees (Ltd. Edt.)

Bought some shells earlier... not many, so these will be limited edition...

Code: HCT221/ Falling shell/ M-size
Code: HCT222/ Shell tee/ M-size

Status: Sold out

The Merdeka Bazaar @ Annexe

It's another weekend at Annexe... Some pictures to share.
For those who are interested on the plushies, feel free to contact So @
She's the one making the cute cute plushies! :)

I bet you will not know what are these. These are called the Roller-Coasters! a.k.a coasters with rollers.
They are really really cool... I like them so much especially the Oink Oink Manuscript!
Fabian Tan, the creator of these Roller-Coasters.

Guess these are from who?? Hahaha... hope you guys can still read it from the picture.

Nice "scenery" right opposite my stall.

My special edition of "Boring Game" made in the bazaar. It was sold to Mei Cher as a present for Eunice, who actually bought her a lomo case from cassettee.

What happened in bazaar as usual....

Nice place to chill out - The Merdeka cafe.
To ex-guitar club mate: Isn't this what we're looking at for the 10 yrs concert?!

What you can see is only this >>>> Friendship!
The one who's holding the Lomo is Mei Cher, and the one next to her with spec is Eunice. (sorry to other 2 girls & handsome, don't really know your names... but you guys are really cool!)
Thank you so much for buying cassettee and I'm so glad that I've got to know you all!
Thanks Mei Cher for my 1st Lomo picture! (I'm still expecting the pic from u, hahahaha)
The moment I saw how Eunice surprise you with the Lomo case and you quietly buying Eunice "the boring game" tee just touched me so much... I don't know how to describe...

I love you all!

Once again, thank you for dropping by at my stall and all the supports & compliments given!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How many times I wana poke my fingers??!?

Today is definitely not a good day making cassettee!! Not even a brooch!!!
I've break the record of poking my fingers with the needle 6 times in one night!!!! 2 of the 6 bleed!!!!! 1 of the 2 was poked in between the finger nail and the finger (flesh)!!!!!
And that's not all.... I kena "barbecued" by the glue gun!!!!!!!