Saturday, December 29, 2007

Woman behind the label

It's a hot and sunny day in Rakan Muda Complex (it is actually next to Stadium Juara Bukit Kiara. It is not in Google Earth... anyway, we've already leave a mark ^.^).

Being alone in the morning, although I met some new friends, but still, quite lonely...
Until these lovely ladies arrived, including my mom & Frank later in the afternoon, and they bought Hainanese belacan fried rice, hahaha.... it is nice, but sorry I can't finish, it's too spicy!!

Thanks for wearing cassettee! JM, don't feel sorry, you looks nice even without cassettee... hahahaha....

Woman behind the label; now we have super women with the label!

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Super Art & Music Festival

Very last minute, I was informed about this event and that there's extra booth for us to come in. Therefore Cassettee will be participating in The Super Art & Music Festival on 29th December 2007 (tomorrow), in Stadium Bukit Kiara.

This event is organized by The Super Sunday, sponsored and supported by Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia.

Please come along with friends and family and give us some supports. Fun activities and live band performance awaits you...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Specially dedicated to Lili & Hsuan

Another tee specially made, this time is for Lili & her little angel Hsuan Hsuan.
Hsuan was born on the 16th of Nov 2007. Welcome, another piggie!!! I'm a piggie, Lili is a piggie, Lili's mom is a piggie, Karmin is a piggie...

Lili, you promised me you'll never leave the tee in your wardrobe. I made it in M-size. You've got to get back in shape and wear this ok?

Guess I didn't write any post about my camera... My camera is dead. Looking at the picture above, I don't think my 2.0 mega px camera phone is doing a good job. The pink is not pink, the maroon is not maroon.... uuhhh..., maybe it's time to get a new camera....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

2nd Try - Figure 8ight music + fashion mash up

Hi all, some updates again on cassettee's 2nd try in Annexe Central Market.
I feel sorry for myself that I couldn't be there on that day. Again... I have to attend to my company event in Batu Kawan.

Thanks to ting ling who helps me on displaying all the tees nicely and 'jaga' them the whole day :)
The response is not as good as the 1st time. Anyway, to gain more exposure, I believe more people have seen the real cassettee now. And I'm sure for those who came, you'll enjoy seeing those lovely little animals created by musedarling. Frankly speaking, I love them too!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

T-blouse Series

Semi T-blouse. Comes with a multi-buttons brooch.
Code: HCT210
Colours: Black Tee + Blue/ Orange/ Pink buttons
Size: M/ L

T-blouse: Cassettee Dynasty
Code: HCT211
Colours: Black Tee + Beige/ Dark Green Chinese buttons (more different colour chinese buttons coming soon)
Size: M/ L

T-blouse: Flora dreams
Code: HCT212
Colours: Black/ White Tee + White/ Pink buttons (more different colour buttons coming soon)
Size: M/ L

T-blouse: Macro
Code: HCT213
Colours: Black Tee + White/ Blue/ Green buttons (more different ce
olour buttons coming soon)
Size: M/ L

T-blouse: Vintage
Code: HCT214
Colours: Black Tee + Light Green/ Brown buttons
Size: M/ L