Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lomo ME, Lomo U

CCT305 LomoA green

CCT305 LomoB green
CCT305 LomoC Black

CCT305 LomoD Black

CCT305 LomoE Black

Hello~~~ Here comes my LOMO series of little purse!
Unfortunately I still do not have my own lomo camera yet, but I like those lomo pictures so much!
No $ to spend on lomo cam now, so lets do with these purses 1st, hahaha....

Code: CCT305 Lomo series
Size: 110 x 105mm
Status: Sold out
Note: Please contact me if you would like to special order these baggies :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The "MAAD" Experience

I'm back!!! From MAAD!!!

People, this is MAAD...

Mr & Mrs Goh were busy serving customers...

Me & Mrs Goh a.k.a. Cecilia, DOT's taukesoh... wahahah...

Grant me a wish, buy these t-shirts.

The ivbelongings stall. Ivy's Sakura earing are so cute!!

These are some cool stuff from The Girl's Kaksh. Something like the Nyonya Baba style, Audrey brought to you the Indian flavour apparel & accessories!

MOOF. A simple & nice stall.

Thank you very much for grabbing a tee, a brooch, a zipper bag or even just a biz card... and also your compliments. I really appreciate that.

Lastly, cheers to Mr & Mrs Goh a.k.a. Chee Wee & Cecilia.
2 of them have been feeding me like a pig the last 2 days ^.^
*promise I'll try to put on weight ok*