Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sweet Bridezilla's diary: Not so happening photobook cover

I was very excited when I received the parcel, knowing it's my first photobook of my "pre-wedding photo shoot".

The "pre-wedding photo shoot" was really an unforgettable one. A total DIY project, photographed by a Hong Kong friend, in Hong Kong. Frank & I couldn't thank him enough for such a precious gift for our wedding :)

About 2 and a half months later after we returned from HK, we got a link from our friend - it's our photos!!! Yay!!! So we did a round of photos selection, and I've decided to have part of those photos printed in a photobook. (Ha! So happen that Groupon has got the XXX photobook deal, and I bought 2!)
I've chosen the Ruff n Tuff hard cover for my first album, and the second one is definitely gonna be the Image Wrap hard cover.

[Fast forward]: So, when I open up the box, here it is, it's my first photobook! ...but, wait a minute... this doesn't looks right. I was expecting it to be a hard cover with a die-cut window, and my cover photo will be "framed" behind the window. But what I'm seeing is a debossed rectangular frame on the cover with my cover photo pasted on it. Oooohh NOOOOOoooo.... this is really no class :(

Whatever it is, it is printed, it is a finished product now. I took a deep breath, open up the album and flip through it. Well, the inner page is not bad, I must say I really like it. Now, let's see what I can do to modify the cover. So, this is what I did.

 The original Ruff n Tuff

 I decided to make a frame using this simple black lace

 Need to do some sewing before sticking it onto the cover with hot glue

Ta da!! A new look for my photobook cover

Just to be fair to the XXX photobook company, later I found out it was my fault that I did not study their product properly. They do have another type of photobook called the Window Die-cut Hardcover book (with 2 windows). Hence, the Ruff n Tuff Debossed Hardcover is really just a debossed rectangular frame with your cover photo pasted over it.

Anyway, I like the way it looks now. And I'm excited again waiting for my second book to arrive, the Image Wrap one, hehehe...


Bunny said...

It is lovely how you tenderly augment what you love. One day in the distant future, you will dust off the photo book cover and have a smile in your heart as you reflect on this moment. xoxo

cass said...

Yes, yes... I'm sure I will :)